Get New Keys Today! (323) 538-3170Chevrolet LogoLosing keys to your Chevrolet can be quite frustrating especially when you do not have a duplicate key. In order to replace the key, you may order a new key from Chevrolet car dealers or get a generic one from your vendor. These processes may take several hours or days and the easiest option usually comes in replacing the key from a licensed car key specialist. In case you live in Los Angeles, you need not worry anymore because at LA Car Key Pros we make car keys for all car models and makes. We make replacement keys, program transponder keys, and cut spare keys. Our experts originate, cut and program new keys even when all keys are lost. We have mastered making keys for car models and makes that are popular with Americans such as the Chevrolet. The following are some of the types of Chevrolet car keys that we are able to replace at LA Car Key Pros.

Non-transponder keys

Several years ago Chevrolet car owners used to carry two six-cut keys; one for the door, and one for the ignition. However, with time they changed to a new ten-cut key to perform both functions. The key lacks advanced security such an electronic chip and therefore it cannot be programmed to add security to the car. The key does not lock, unlock or start the car remotely. At LA Car Key Pro we make this type of non-transponder keys for some Chevrolet models. In some cases, the key can be cut by code using the General Motors database. However, a few non-transponder keys cannot be cut by such codes and it needs our technician to cut the key manually after taking apart the dashboard and ignition system.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys changed the way car keys used to function for all car makes and models. The transponder key has a computer chip inside which must be programmed in line with the vehicle’s main computer for the key to remain functional. Transponder keys are different from the remote car keys in that they may lack the functionality of unlocking, locking and even starting a car remotely. The ability for transponder keys to function like remote car keys varies with the model of the car. Transponder keys are more secure than the non-transponder keys and their replacement also comes at a higher cost as the programming fee is usually added on top of the ordinary cutting fees.

Remote flip key

Chevrolet KeyThe Remote flip key is the newest of all the types of Chevrolet car keys. It has high-security features in addition to remote functionalities. The key allows you to remotely lock, unlock your car’s doors and the trunk. It has a transponder chip which needs proper programming to ensure the safety of the car, full functionality of the key and its proper communication with the car’s computer.

Replacement Chevrolet Car Keys In Los Angeles, California!

At LA Car Key Pros we have well-trained car key specialists to handle these types of replacements. When facing a car key emergency we do not expect you to come to our offices. Instead, we deploy our specialists to attend to your situation at your location within LA regardless of the model of your Chevrolet.

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