Get New Keys Today! (323) 538-3170Saturn LogoSince its establishment in 1985, Saturn has seen the evolution of car keys both in style and design. One of the best innovations by Saturn was to design car keys with the embroidery of Saturn logo in their keys. Another major innovation was to introduce computerized car keys in the year 2003 thus making Saturn car keys one of the best cart keys today.

Saturn KeyTransponder key type It is ideally one of the most popular of Saturn car types. Many of the models of Saturn cars use this key type. One of the best features of this key type is that it is designed for maximum security on your car. This is trough a pre-programmed feature that personalizes the operation of the key. Ideally, unless one has the transponder key, they cannot start the car. In addition, the car will not start on the ignition by any transponder key because each key is specifically programmed to start a particular car.

Original transponder keys are designed with a visible serial code marked with PK3 or PK3+ on the plastic top of the key. This serial code was specifically set during its manufacture. Pressing the transponder key sends a specific digital identity code to the car and if the car’s engine validates the code, it allows the engine to start.

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Standard chip key is the less advanced type of car key than the transponder type. It is also a popular car key type found in Saturn car models such as . One advantage of standard keys is that they do not depend on batteries to operate. If you own one of these models, you are assured of no chances where you will get stranded is common in keyless remote type simply because the car’s remote has died.

Another type of Saturn car keys is the keyless keys. Saturn introduced keyless keys back in 2007. As opposed to the traditional key cars where the keys go through the ignition to start the engine. The keyless type functions by use of a key fob remote. The key is operated by pushing a knob in the dashboard. With Saturn keyless keys, one does not need to press the button continuously until the engine starts; a single press is enough.

Saturn keyless key types are highly sensitive and will operate remotely. All that is required is to have the key on your person when entering the car. it will thus start the engine perfectly even when inside your purse or your wallet. This also offers convenience just in case you are in a mad rush and the key is somewhere hidden in your purse.

The primary aim of keys is to provide maximum safety to your car. A Saturn keyless key provides the ideal safety in the sense that the car cannot start unless it receives the correct code from the transmitter fob. This is because the key has been programmed to only be compatible with specific signals. Saturn keyless keys are available in two and five buttons options.

Moreover, Saturn also have the keyless entry. The car will simply start when it detects your presence. This is because the car is able to detect the transmitter fob in the key. This feature comes in handy when you are in a hurry to get into the car due to rain showers outside or in cases of emergency.

LA Car Key Pros offers key replacement services for lost Saturn car keys among other services. Our team is made of specialists who are extensively experienced in Saturn brand car keys and the programming of such keys.

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