Get New Keys Today! (323) 538-3170Lincoln LogoIf you happen to own a Lincoln, then you should also know that your car keys are capable of doing a lot more than just starting the car engine and locking the car’s doors. These keys are also programmed with a number of high-tech time-saving as well as safety features. The following guide will give you all the necessary information about how to use the facilities of Lincoln car keys – starting from the mental peace derived by staying within safe driving limits to the ease of keyless remote entry.

What are the features of a Lincoln car key?

Intelligent access key :

The IA technology doesn’t let you fumble with your car keys any longer. This amazing feature which works when you push the start button spares you from entering your car and then starting its engine. You are only required to carry the key in your purse or pocket. Your Lincoln car will automatically recognize the key and you will be allowed to enter your car and start its engine.

Integrated key head transmitter:

Lincoln KeyAn integrated key head transmitter is actually a very convenient feature but it is not as complicated as its name. The key head transmitter actually functions as a keyless remote entry transmitter meant for your keyless system, which allows you to enter the car. At the same time, it also works as automatic ignitions key that lets one lock or unlock the car and also start the engine.

Securicode Entry Keypad:

This amazing feature lets the owner enter the car by only entering a particular code on the keypad present on the driver’s side door.


In case you are planning to hire a new driver for your Lincoln car, the MyKey feature will be of immense help. This key will keep all the necessary safety features turned on when a different person is in the driver’s seat. It also allows one to decide the speed of the car as well as the volume limit of the audio.

What are the features of MyKey?

MyKey is very useful as it encourages drivers to drive responsibly by letting them:

Set the highest speed limit, to 80 m/hr

Set the highest audio volume limit up to 45% of that of the maximum

Get Replacement Lincoln Car Keys In Los Angeles, CA!

In case you lose your Lincoln car keys or they get stolen from you, it can be pretty stressful and frustrating. Car key specialist can get your key replaced with ease and get you into your vehicle in no time. All you require to do is call one of them and seek the help of their expert technicians. They will reach you as early as possible and offer you good quality professional help at a very reasonable cost. If you have lost you keys, then it won’t be of much help if you plan to get a duplicate key made since most cars nowadays seem to use only transponder keys. It doesn’t matter if you have an old or a new car, the right kind of technician will always be properly trained in order to handle different types of lock systems in a pretty professional manner.

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