Get New Keys Today! (323) 538-3170FordWhat do you know about your Ford car keys? Your car keys do not only lock and unlock the doors but plays an important role in ensuring the security of your car. In fact, the newer keys have advanced mechanisms that intelligently protect your car from unauthorized users. In today’s auto world, an invalid keyfob signal can activate the alarm system of your car or even disable the engine. These key advancements mean that the likelihood of someone driving your car away without using a valid ignition key is almost impossible.

The car key technology advancement has also greatly improved efficiency and effectiveness on how people access their cars. One standout car key technology that has changed the way hybrid and luxury cars work is the invention of smart keys. Unlike the traditional Ford car keys that require owners to push a button whenever they want to unlock their car doors, the smart keys let you open the doors without using a key. The smart keys are computerized systems that resemble plastic cards more than the actual car keys and use microchips and sensors to unlock your Ford car doors automatically.

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The smart key systems also let you start your car engine without using a key. You only need to get close to your vehicle and the doors will unlock automatically. Inside your car, you will only need to press a start button to drive your car as long as the smart key is anywhere in the car. These smart keys are also capable of keeping special information such as the mirror and power seat settings. Therefore, before purchasing your new ford car, it is important to look at the car keys technology as it will play a major role in how easily you will be able to access your car as well as your car’s security level. Different models and makes use different types of ford car keys and thus, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with all types of ford car keys.

The Different Types of Ford Car Keys

Ford KeyThe keys of the earlier ford car models can be easily distinguished by a small red square that is on the top right corner of the key. These keys use a red chip system. Their transponder chip is made of clear glass and hidden in the key head. The master keys used in the earlier red key systems have a completely red head. Later, the red key systems were replaced by the more advanced blue key systems. The blue key systems also have a transponder and may not be entirely blue. The latest Ford car key systems come with a black carbon chip and a blue corner. That said, there are three types of Ford car keys that include Ford tibbe key, HU101 laser key and HU66 laser key.

Ford Tibbe Key: This type of the key is the most common and comes in two versions namely the standard manual key and the remote locking key. They have a cylindrically shaped blade with six notches, which are cut into four different depths.

Ford HU101 Laser Key: The new Ford car models usually come with this type of keys. They have a flat and rectangular metal blade with a unique shape groove cut down on each side. They also come in either manual or remote locking functionality.

Ford HU66 Laser Key: The HU66 keys were initially used for the Ford Galaxy.

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