Get New Keys Today! (323) 538-3170Cadillac LogoAs we all know, having access to a car is one of the most crucial means of transportation in the modern day world, and with Cadillac establishing itself as the premier luxury car within the US in 1902, it is not surprising that there is a multitude of different models suitable for the requirements of many drivers worldwide.

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With the car key being the most important tool with which we gain access to these ever improving machines, and with Cadillac’s bold and innovative range of prestige vehicles, it is also no wonder that there is a multitude of different types of Cadillac car keys.

Traditional car keys

As we crept towards the 21st century and saw the advancement in car technology sore, the more traditional, multi-use car keys have become a part of history. From opening the door to starting the ignition and even gaining access to the glove compartment, these keys had it all.

Master keys

In addition to your traditional key, you would have been provided with a master car key. These were not meant for everyday use, but solely for the purpose of a car key specialist.

Losing your master key would see huge difficulties, and may result in a total overhaul of the engine system. Due to this, master keys started to be held on a central database held by Cadillac, as to avoid misplacement. So if you have one of these keys, be sure to keep hold of it.

Transponder Car Keys

As the world saw the arrival of more modern day car keys. In particular, that of the transponder car key.

This key was introduced to Cadillac in 1997, with the primary focus of eliminating auto theft of the vehicle. A computer microchip is embedded into the plastic body surrounding the key and holds a unique, fixed code matching that of a microchip within the ignition.

Essential for the detection of the key by the ignition of the car, any damage caused to the microchip will deny the user of being able to start the ignition, resulting in key replacement.

The process for replacements much depends on the model of the Cadillac owned, as well as other factors such as the location of the car and urgency of the replacement.

Remote Control Car Keys

Another, more familiar type of Cadillac car key and increasingly popular throughout the motoring market is the remote control key, also known as the smart key.

With similarities to both of the traditional key and the transponder, these keys, with a clear path and the use of infa-red, can be used to lock and unlock the car doors and trunks, as well as controlling car alarm systems.

A downside of this system would be the use of batteries, in the event of a replacement, a systematic receive bypass may be required.

Rolling Car Keys

Rolling car keys were introduced for Cadillacs and have become an extremely common feature of modern models.

This type of key is a variation of the transponder key, consisting of a microchip coding system, however; each time the rolling key is used, a different code is sent.

This system proves highly advantageous to the security of the car, and although pricey to replace, as the owner of one of these prestigious cars, this specialist car key is worth the extra cost.

Being familiar with the above car key types is extremely beneficial to those who own Cadillacs in ensuring the security of your car and understanding the technology behind each system. And if you ever need a replacement Cadillac key, make sure you contact LA Car Key Pros today!

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